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Taking your cycle to a bike shop can be both time consuming and expensive. 

We can offer you a repair service at home: contact Christopher to arrange a visit. 

The Route51 Bike Project is a community led social enterprise focused on making cycling accessible and affordable for all by repairing and rehoming cycles

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Our Story

                                       Route51 Cycle Project is an initiative created by Repair Reuse Recycle CIC 

Both are non profit community enterprises. The motivation behind these activities are purely environmental. I strongly believe "If you make it easy and affordable for people to do the right thing, they will" In the case of the cycle project; the aim is to reduce waste by repairing unwanted cycles. This is how we can; in the case of NHS staff on low wages they can have a cycle free of charge, but some are sold to help fund the project. 

As Cycling UK stated; a bike is the answer to climate change. It is the simplist form of sustainable transport. I am serious about making ownership of a bike affordable and easy to maintain. Please do consider funding and supporting our project for the benefit of Planet, Place and People. Thank you...

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